I am about to set out on a journey. 
A journey across the US to tell the untold stories of  families who have said yes to adoption.

Over the past 6 years I’ve hosted nearly 150 adoptive families in my home.   All of these families have returend to the US and have settled into their new normal, but I’ve learned that these families have had vastly different experiences.

This September, I will take a 4 month road trip across the United States to recconnect with many of the families I have hosted on their adoption journey in Kiev– only this time, I will be the house guest.

In my guest book I have countless entries from people saying ‘our home, is your home if you’re ever passing through’- so I’ve decided it’s time I take them up on their offers!

After interviewing families with differing stories I will compile these stories and research into a book which will give a multi-faceted look at adoption– the good the bad and everything in between.  Exploring the questions, ‘is it worth it? and ‘what is God speaking through this journey?’

I’m raising funds initially to cover the cost of the gas and car needs for making this journey to all 4 corners of the US..and to cover some of my costs on the road. I’ve calculated that I’ll be driving about 11,000 miles!  By staying with families I will keep my housing costs low, so the road costs are the main ones.  Additional funds I raise will  go towards helping get the book edited and published!

Excited for you to join me on this adventure!